It’s Official: You’re in!


The Designer Boss Summit runs from Feb 14th – 16th, 2024 (Sydney time). But the fun starts right now!

Super Mega Important Info

👋 Hey there! Keep an eye on your inbox for an important welcome email from us. If you don’t see it, check your spam or promo folders. Before the summit starts, you’ll have access to loads of goodies. Follow the steps below to unlock all the summit goodies. Let’s go! 💼✨

Your Next Steps:


Save the date 📆

Pop it in your planner, stick it on your fridge, or set a reminder on your phone or laptop. Make it happen and clear your schedule from Feb 14th to Feb 16th. Get in, we’re giving our design businesses some love and levelling up this V day! ❤️

The summit starts in:


Join the club 👯‍♀️

Join the summit ​Facebook group​ to connect with the speakers, and thousands of designers from around the globe. Plus check out the pinned post to enter the summit comp. We’re giving away a HUGE prize pack worth over $3500! 🎉


Get your Comfy PJs ready 🧦

We’re spicing things up this time with a night-time twist (for our European speakers). Drumroll, please… introducing the Summit Slumber Party!

That’s right, folks – we’re throwing a pyjama party, and we want YOU to join in the fun by showing up to our 3-day summit in your PJ’s. Ours are pink, but no shocker there right?


Invite your friends 💌

Everything is more fun with friends, so invite your designer buddies to get their free ticket and join you at the summit. Here’s a done-for-you message you can copy & paste:

I just got my free ticket to the Designer Boss Summit. There are some epic speakers and it would be loads of fun to do it together. You can check it out and get your free ticket here:

And last but not least…

Get your guide to the