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who are we?
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Anna Dower

ANNA DOWER is a graphic designer, entrepreneur and in-demand creative mentor that harnesses her 20 years of industry experience to enlighten, empower and elevate the businesses of graphic designers on a mission to make their mark
(and have a sh*t load of fun doing it).

Anna hustles hard but she’s also about balance. She believes in profit AND pleasure and is proud to work just four days a week (on Fridays she wears pink and does whatever the flip she wants).
» annadower.com

Emma Kate

EMMA KATE is a graphic designer turned web designer who’s now a go-to WordPress educator and geeky girl next door for designers keen to master the wonderful world of web.

Helping designers unwrap the mysteries, methods & magic of web design so they can build beautiful and brag-worthy WordPress websites. Y’know, in language you can actually understand, without worrying about techie coding, web dev jargon, mansplaining, overwhelm or Googling all the things.
» emmakate.co