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Anna Dower
Shannon Mattern
Web Designer Academy

Shannon Mattern is the founder of the Web Designer Academy where she mentors web designers to create profitable, sustainable and scalable web design businesses. Her proven frameworks for packaging, pricing, positioning and selling premium web design services have helped hundreds of designers raise prices, book dream clients and work less. She’s also the host of the Profitable Web Designer Podcast, your go-to resource for marketing, mindset, money, management and mentorship for web designers who want to create businesses that provide freedom, flexibility and financial independence.


Anna Dower
Anna Dower
SLAY Your Content

Anna hustles hard but she’s also about balance. She believes in profit AND pleasure and is proud to work minimum hours for maximum dollars.

Anna’s latest offering is a monthly content club for graphic & web designers: SLAY YOUR CONTENT. When you become a member you get four weeks’ worth of content, plonked straight into your digital lap on the dot each month.

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Anna Dower
Emma Kate
Be The Boss of WordPress

Emma is a graphic designer turned web designer who’s now a go-to WordPress educator and geeky girl next door for designers keen to master the wonderful world of web.

In her Be The Boss of WordPress program, Emma helps designers like you unwrap the mysteries, methods & magic of web design so you can build beautiful and brag-worthy WordPress websites. Y’know, in language you can actually understand, without worrying about techie coding, web dev jargon, mansplaining, overwhelm or Googling all the things.

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