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eCourse Blueprint Sidekick + Brand Audit Series
By Anna Dower (USUALLY $98 AUD)

The eCourse Blueprint Sidekick is a treasure worth $49AUD, is your ultimate ally. This companion and workbook delves profoundly into each eCourse blueprint phase, while the prompts stand by faithfully, leading you towards absolute clarity regarding your eCourse. Upon completion, witness the birth of your fail-safe roadmap, ensuring you wave goodbye to stress-triggered pandemonium.

The Brand Audit Series worth $49AUD is an exclusive two part series with Anna Dower about how and why you should offer Brand Audits in your design business to boost your revenue!

WordPress Care Plans Mini Course by Emma Kate

Learn my step-by-step process for keeping your WordPress websites up to date, backed up and secure from hacking attempts, and how to package up, sell and deliver monthly care plans to your clients to earn some sweet recurring revenue!

Includes: Client Onboarding Checklist, Onboarding Form Example, Maintenance T&Cs Example, Client Setup Checklist, Monthly Maintenance Checklist, email templates and more.

Thrivecart Checkout Templates by Emma Troy

Ready to launch your digital shop using Thrivecart? Want to make sure your browsers turn into buyers?

Effortlessly increase sales with this high-converting checkout page and my done-for-you success page template. Conversions are just a click away.

The PowerPoint Remedy Mini Course by Adrienne Johnston (USUALLY $199 USD)

This value-packed training will help you go from zero to PowerPoint Hero in just a few hours so you can confidently add presentation design as a high-ticket additional income stream to your business. In addition to learning how to use PowerPoint, the fun and easy way, you’ll also get access to our proprietary library of templates and infographics - all ready to use in PowerPoint, to make adding presentation design to your business quick and easy.

Client Onboarding, Off-boarding & Admin Template Bundle by Hannah Bacon (USUALLY $59 USD)

Transform the way you run your design or freelancing business with these Onboarding, Off-boarding & Admin templates, built to streamline your design process. Each is professionally designed with high-quality, strategic content to help you sell your services, give your client a great experience and save bucket-loads of time.

  • Easy to use and customise
  • Ready-to-use content, prompts and examples
  • For use with Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator

Sketch to Success - Biz Skills for Illustrating Designers by Kat Potter (USUALLY $199 AUD)

A self-guided, 3 part mini course designed to give Graphic Designers the essential skills they need to seamlessly blend illustration into their business.

I unravel the mysteries of pricing strategies for illustration projects, discuss the art of brief taking and asking the right questions, demonstrate how to create effective proposals AND show you the exact framework I use in my own illustration/design business.



What real designers say:

Personalised Human Design chart report & business guide by Teresa Crifo (USUALLY $97 AUD)

Discover the power of your personalised Human Design blueprint – the roadmap to YOUR success! No more one-size-fits-all advice. Align with your true self and thrive like never before.

Input your birth information, and our system will instantly generate a personalised report for you that decodes the main items of your energetic blueprint and offers practical tips on leveraging your energy type for business success!

Brand Consult Ebook by George Mussett

💰 Get paid for your thinking! 💭 This ebook is your ultimate workbook for facilitating Brand Consultations. It's filled with questions and space for notes as well as the all-time favourite Action Plan that will leave your clients feeling empowered and ready to take action.

Online Course Planning and Launch Guidebook by Jacqui Naunton (USUALLY $67 AUD)

Launching a course is great, but there's a LOT more to it than just putting a course into the world. This interactive guidebook will step you through thinking of an idea and really focus on planning your timeline and launch steps so that you can have a SUCCESSFUL launch and create the passive income model of your dreams.

The Crumpet Club Guide to Surface Design & Licensing by Crumpet Club (USUALLY $25 AUD)

This little compendium is perfect for beginners who want to learn more about licensing, and it also contains some great resources that would be useful for creatives at all experience levels. Use it to help you navigate what you need to be aware of as you start your journey in surface design and licensing.

Growth Graphics by Tabitha Emma (USUALLY $47 USD)

Discover how to create strategic graphics that accelerate your creative business. Including the strategic design of viral, content, sales and content graphics. Create graphics that don't just look pretty but use strategy to help grow your business.

Includes 4 modules and over 250 Canva templates to get you started. 🙌

Jumpstart Your Semi-Passive Income with 60+ Canva Templates by Katie Stewart (USUALLY $49 AUD)

Market your templates easily and efficiently with this exclusive Designer Boss Summit Collection of 60+ Canva Marketing Templates.

Designed with busy designers in mind, this collection of templates for social media platforms, email and website banners, cover images, eye-catching listing graphics and more, holds the power to optimise your efficiency, freeing up valuable time that can be redirected toward refining your product before launch.

Digital Product Clarity Guide by Rachel Reiter (USUALLY $47 AUD)

The key ingredients you need to craft your first digital product in alignment with your existing audience... and best of all, create a tribe of raving fans! Use this step-by-step clarity guide to help you strategically design your first digital product so that your existing audience will be climbing over each other to get it!



Canva Fundamentals: Selling Canva Templates by Brodi-Rose Newsome (USUALLY $49 AUD)

Leverage Canva to create unlimited earning capacity by selling digital products legally.

This masterclass will walk through the basics of how to create unique template designs, package them for delivery, create mockups that sell and where you can sell your Canva templates online.

The Ultimate Website Checklist for Service-based Businesses by Karlie Plowman (USUALLY $30 AUD)

The 2023 Ultimate Website Checklist for service-based businesses will guide you to creating/building the BEST website for your business!

Whether you're just starting out in business and it's your first website, or if you're an established business and you need to optimise your website for better results, this is for you! The checklist is suitable for Excel and Google Sheets.

Brand Strategy Prompts & Template by Amy Pearson (USUALLY $60 AUD)

Ready to map your brand galaxy? Building your brand galaxy begins with understanding the core of your business: Your values, your purpose, your ideal clients & brand personality. In this strategy template kit, you'll get a Notion questionnaire to prompt you to get deep with your brand, and then a Figma template to put your strategy into action.

What to post on social (other than your work)
by Shay Starrenburg (USUALLY $50 NZD)

Make them say your name! Social Media Pillars your target market is CRAVING!

Are you still just posting your completed work on social media? That’s great if you’re trying to attract other designers to follow you but is that the kind of content your target market is looking for on social media?

We think it’s so important to think about what will delight and engage the people you actually want to be sliding into your DM’s 😉

Ultimate client sign off bundle by Sarah Linklater (USUALLY $79 AUD)

Ever had a client come back to you after a project is complete with a typo they need to be fixed, or part of the design they want ‘tweaked’

The Ultimate Client Sign off Bundle provides three different sign off templates (for brand, web and print) specifically to help designers keep their clients in line.

Using these templates will keep your clients accountable and make sure they understand the repercussions of further ‘tweaks’ to their project.



Copyright v Copywrong Masterclass by FoundD Legal (USUALLY $55 AUD)

This masterclass on safeguarding your intellectual property and how to navigate the copyright landscape, covers things such as:

  • The difference between copyright and trade marking;
  • How not to infringe on someone else’s copyright;
  • How to monetise your Intellectual Property;
  • What’s at stake if a copycat strikes;
  • The steps to take to stop a copycat in their tracks and more.

BONUS: Tricks of the Trade Mark Checklist & access for 3 months (Value $800)

Goal Setting Workshop by WP Mavens (USUALLY $97 USD)

We know it’s easy to become overwhelmed by all the incredible info you learn — you want to take action in your business but where in the world should you start??

In this workshop, you’ll be guided through our clever goal-setting tactics and learn how to prioritise what to focus on to have the biggest impact on your design business. So you can stay focused, organised and kick butt this year! Consists of an action-packed video training + 15-page goal setting workbook.

Poppy Divi Sales Page Template by Designer Boss

You’ve lured your ideal clients to your website, now what? Make them fall in love with you and convince them you’re the heaven-sent designer for them with this stunning sales page template designed to convert.

We’ve crafted this easy-to-use template especially for graphic & web designer entrepreneurs, with clever content prompts throughout so you can whip up your new sales page in as little as a few hours. All you need is Divi installed and you’re good to go. Plus we’ve included a 1-hour beginner-friendly Divi masterclass too!


SUMMITSYNC Trello Board mockup with text that says: Everything in one spot, Transcripts, Space for notes, Add to-do lists.



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