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Pssst... That’s only £118 or USD148 🙌

The Boss Bundle includes

all of these resources:

Pre-VIP Sales System by Sarah Masci (USUALLY $197 USD)

This course will show you how to sell your VIP Days, using the proven, step-by-step Pre-VIP Framework I created to hit consistent 5-figure months with Day Rates and VIP Days! Includes: 4-part video training course, workbook, swipe emails, plus 3 bonuses: Objection Crusher Kit, Discovery Call Role Play and Discovery Call Coaching Call Replay.


First impressions matter. And the way you welcome your new client could potentially affect the way your project will run. With this Client Welcome Guide, you're guaranteed to make a strong first impression by setting clear expectations and boundaries that will ensure your project runs smoothly from beginning to end.

Turbocharge Your Logo Designs: Adobe Illustrator Course by James Barnard (USUALLY $138 USD)

In this course, I’ll show you my secrets to working in Illustrator at super speed. You’ll discover how to set up your hardware, customise your workspaces and keyboard shortcuts, plus additional software and hardware tricks that’ll have you flying around Adobe Illustrator and working iteratively inside the program.
Includes: Brand Style Guide Template, Shortcuts Cheat Sheet, Illustrator Actions File, and Illustrator Template.

Brand Strategy Presentation Template by Abi Connick (USUALLY $44 USD)

Understanding your client's business better is crucial before designing. This template provides clarity, helping in identifying their audience and analysing competitors. Once you grasp their brand, conveying it through design becomes much easier! Use this template to present your strategic ideas and creative direction to your client effectively.


  • Adobe InDesign & Illustrator files
  • Prompts & descriptions provided (24 pages)

The Fookin' Focus Course & The Go Get 'Em Course by Made By James (value $300 USD)

The fookin’ focus course is the kick in the butt you need and will help you understand:

  1. How to win in your market
  2. Your promise to your clients
  3. How to prove your value

The Go Get 'Em course will help you plan, set goals and achieve them... it will:

  1. Help you understand who you are as a business
  2. Show you a break down of how I meticulously plan my business
  3. Highlight a proven structure for your business success

The Designer's Toolkit Template Bundle by Katie Proctor (USUALLY $215 USD)

6 of our best-selling creative templates, bundled together in the only toolkit you’ll ever need. These templates are for you, the ambitious designer ready to elevate your design process so that you can better serve your dream clients, lead with value, and finally increase your prices.

Includes: Project proposal, Notion client portal, Brand strategy guide, Visual direction, Brand presentation + Brand style guide



What real designers say:

Website Pricing & Packaging Mini Course by Emma Kate

Create your drool-worthy value-packed website packages priced to earn you some pretty pennies. What to include, how to price them and what to say to make ’em irresistible… it’s all in this eCourse baby!


  • Website Packages Pricing Guide
  • 5x step-by-step instructional videos
  • An extensive list of what to include in your website packages
  • Example website packages
  • Plug & play Website Pricing Calculator (and custom quoting calculator)


Experience the Project Management System personally crafted, developed, and refined by Kristy Campbell after three years of nurturing her agency, Pink Pony Creative. This well-thought-out, comprehensive, and detailed system includes a month-to-month job calendar, a systems & procedures board, a social media plan calendar, discovery call questions, and more. It's the ideal solution for freelance professionals and businesses with teams alike.

Streamline your client & design process resource library by Jo ChunYan (USUALLY $72 USD)

Jo ChunYan breaks down each step in her design and client process to show you the most effective, streamlined way to work smarter in your design business and get your projects to the sign-off stage - fast!

You will find a helpful video library of micro lessons on working with brand archetypes, using creative stylescapes, presenting your designs for one-round approvals, and ensuring communication is crystal clear for stress-free design projects.


Ditch the chaos, embrace streamlined success. Get clear workflows, stronger brand identity, & happier clients with our system + tools bundle.

What's Included:

  • Onboarding & Offboarding Mini Course
  • Client Onboarding Blueprint
  • Price List Template (Canva & .ai)
  • Email Scripts for Price List Nurture Sequence
  • Discovery Call Script
  • Tutorials on Setting Up Automation
  • Welcome Kit Template (Canva & .ai)
  • Email Scripts for Welcome Kit
  • Offboarding Emails
  • Testimonial Request Email
  • How to Use Your Files Guide

Brand Presentation Template by Robin (USUALLY $26 USD)

This Brand Presentation Template is for you to present your designs to clients in a professional and organised way using Adobe Illustrator. Simply copy & paste designs from your Illustrator Design File & explain your decisions!

Comes with prompts to help you explain your design decisions to your clients. Each page is organised using the layers panel and the whole template comes with instructions for use.

Josh Client Funneling Framework™by Josh Hall

This video training shares my entire funneling framework and how to identify “questionable vs qualified” leads.

You’ll learn where to send those leads depending on wether or not they’re questionable or qualified which will help you:

  • Weed out bad-fit leads
  • Save HOURS on discovery calls with only qualified leads and
  • Attract amazing, high-paying web design clients!

Strengthen your brand foundations by Liz Mosley (USUALLY $31 USD)

Feel more confident and clear about what your brand is all about, who you are trying to serve and how you are going to do it.

This mini course has been designed for you to work on over 10 days (but if you are more of a course binger then you do you). Each task is something fairly easy and simple to complete - but once it is done it is going to put you in a much stronger position as far as your brand is concerned.



"Nicely Said!" Client Scripts Kit by Kris and Donna (USUALLY $100 USD)

Our “Nicely Said!” Client Scripts Kit containing 40+ done-for-you scripted responses to tricky client problems that crop up for graphic, brand and web designers.
These scripts will be your go-to resource when a client throws you a curveball and you just don’t know how to take back control.
  • PDF Digital Download
  • Ready to copy and paste
  • Use as they are or easily customise to your own brand voice and messaging
  • Developed by designers for designers

The Client Email Template Bundle of Your Dreams
from Moxie (USUALLY $49 USD)

Freelancers, solopreneurs, people who don't have assistants - we got you.

You know how you write that same email every day? Just with a slight variation? Enough already! Let's set up an email template for your entire client process - from the first email of interest from a prospect to asking for a review and everything in between.

Personalize this bundle or just copy and paste to your heart's content.

The Brand Brief for graphic designers by Cat Townsend (USUALLY $27 USD)

Make client onboarding 100% smoother with this tried and trusted branding questionnaire. The questions are designed to get your clients thinking 'strategically' about their new brand, and ensure that you get all the information you need to help them develop a solid new brand strategy.

Includes Indesign files so that you can rebrand, tweak and make it your own!

Notion Strategy Intake Questionnaire by Nikki Hamilton (USUALLY $97 USD)

This in depth questionnaire is more than just a form; it’s a strategic guide to a more comprehensive understanding of each clients needs and goals, and the first stage in harnessing AI technologies like ChatGPT and MidJourney more effectively. It will help transform your workflow, sharpen your messaging, and elevate your creative output. Ideal for designers eager to improve  their intake process and amplify their clients success.

Notion Client Dashboard Template by Abbey McGrew (USUALLY $47 USD)

Finally - an organized hub place to manage your branding + web design projects that clients will actually enjoy!  My Custom Client Dashboard Template is a one-stop-shop dashboard where clients could easily find everything they needed during their project.

Here's what inside:

  • Private chat page
  • Organized timeline + project tasks
  • Feedback questions for presenations
  • Website + packaging copy upload pages
  • Feedback guide
  • Easy to embed call scheduler page



Pricing With Confidence for Creative Professionals Ebook by Hayden Burgess (USUALLY $29.95 USD)

Pricing With Confidence for Creative Professionals is based on over 20 years experience working with businesses across the world teaching them to price and sell.

It's been specifically designed to help you sell your high value creative services for more, get prices you want, and show the client the value you create.

So you feel more confident, get less price pushback and have the tools to approach larger agency level clients with your services.

Offer Mapping Framework + Worksheet by Kelsey McCormick (USUALLY $299 USD)

The Offer Mapping Framework and Mini-Course will include my exact framework to help you simplify how you serve your clients, maximize profitability, while increasing your capacity.

Includes: My offer mapping templates in Figma, my profitability calculator, Notion offer ecosystem layout, a mini-course walkthrough, PLUS a messaging framework!

HTML Email Signature Mini-Course by Danni Green

Learn HTML basics, design principles, and customisation to create kick-arse email signatures. HTML sounds scary AF but I will show you how to cheat the system, promise. You'll go from "Yeah, nah" to being able to pump out email signatures in minutes. Use them in your own design business or start making stupid easy money by upselling them to clients.

Includes: Step by Step videos and Basic HTML Cheat Sheets.

The Ultimate Notion Dashboard & Client Portal Template! by Ayelet Werner (USUALLY $25 USD)

Do you want to level up your workflow and organisation? Is your Notion in need of a glow-up? Does your client experience need some serious TLC? Well, you've come to the right place!

This Notion Dashboard & Client Portal Template includes everything you need to run your business in the best possible way - and then some!

Project Proposal Template for Website Designers by Rache of Squarestylist (USUALLY $297 USD)

Establish your expertise right at the proposal step. This in-depth project proposal template, available in easy-to-customize Adobe XD and Figma formats, provides all the relevant elements to set the expectations of your client before working with you. Includes verbiage on setting boundaries and how to communicate critical web design considerations like accessibility, performance, browser compatibility, responsiveness, and SEO.


SUMMITSYNC Trello Board mockup with text that says: Everything in one spot, Transcripts, Space for notes, Add to-do lists.



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