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The Boss Bundle includes

all of these resoucres:

The Brand Bible by Alex Krahling (USUALLY $39 USD)

The Brand Bible is a step-by-step instruction manual to craft a cult brand using the High Moon Method™. The Brand Bible asks you all the right questions to build a strong foundation and manifest success in your business. The Brand Bible is a Canva workbook that's editable to fit you or your client’s brand. 125 pages with video instructions included.

Design Your Digital Product Mini Course by Louise Rowland (USUALLY $147 USD)

There are only so many hours in a day, week, month so what happens when you are wanting to scale your business but have no capacity to take on new clients? In this mini-course, you'll learn how you can package up your expertise into digital products so that you can expand your impact and your income, without needing to find more hours in the day.


Pump Up Your Proofing Kit by Anna Dower

Packed full of value this kit includes:

  • Step-by-Step video with Anna Dower walking you through the ultimate proofing process
  • Stylescape AI template
  • Proof video prompts cheatsheet
  • Proofing checklist

Website Pricing & Packaging Mini Course by Emma Kate (USUALLY $99 AUD)

Create your drool-worthy value-packed website packages priced to earn you some pretty pennies. What to include, how to price them and what to say to make ’em irresistible… it’s all in this eCourse baby!


  • 5x step-by-step instructional videos
  • An extensive list of what to include in your website packages
  • Example website packages
  • My secrets to making your packages sound irresistible
  • Website Packages Pricing Guide
  • Plug & play Website Pricing Calculator (and custom quoting calculator) you can use again and again
  • Lesson on how to calculate your hourly rate
  • Divi pricing tables layout template

Brand Strategy Bundle by Bonnie Bakhtiari

The Brand Strategy Bundle gives you my best guides and go-to resources to up-level your process as a designer as you implement tried and true brand strategy tools that deliver results time and time again.

This digital bundle is for you whether you're just getting started as a designer and you're ready to create a branding approach that delivers results, or you're a seasoned pro looking to incorporate more strategy work into your process.

Kiss My GIFs - Motion Graphics Training
by Michelle Wintersteen (USUALLY $55 USD)

In this 60 minute training, you’ll learn:

  • how to import your illustrator artwork into After Effects
  • the basics of After Effects and creating looping motion graphics
  • 3 major step-by-step keyframe animations
  • exporting your animation as a GIF sticker
  • general upload instructions for GIPHY




Here’s what real designers say...

Organic Marketing Masterclass by Desiree Robards (USUALLY $49 AUD)

The Organic Marketing Masterclass is your ticket to getting found online and increasing conversions, without paid advertising. It's an easy-to-follow, uncomplicated, ‘can’t go wrong’ approach for improving your traffic with quality leads and increasing sales conversions. The masterclass contains 7 bite-sized modules full of lessons that you can implement in as little as 2 days (but you'll continue using for the lifespan of your business).

Creating Repeat Patterns in Adobe Illustrator by Cass Deller (USUALLY $150 AUD)

If you would love to start working with amazing brands and designing beautiful patterns for their products, then you need to know how to create a seamless repeat. In this tutorial, I walk you through how to vectorise your own hand illustrated elements and then how to turn those into a perfectly repeating pattern in Adobe Illustrator.

The Content Genie by Dominique Falla

Are you ready to write and repurpose your weekly content in minutes, not hours?

Get off the content creation hamster wheel and start automating your weekly content system.

The Content Genie is my easy-to-use framework, tool, and workshop that teaches you how to consistently create better weekly content. And the best part? It repurposes the content for you instantly!!

The Efficient Designer Workshop Bundle by Sarah Masci (USUALLY $97 USD)

Are you ready to speed up your processes in your design business so that you can start selling VIP Days with confidence? Get access to our 3-workshop bundle that will help you become a better, faster and more efficient designer!

This Workshop Bundle Includes these 3 Workshops:

  • Canva Accelerator Lab
  • Design in a Day Hour-by-hour Breakdown
  • Start from Scratch! How to Design a Custom Website in ONE Day!

WooCommerce Pricing & Packaging Mini Course by Haley Brown (USUALLY $149 AUD)

Feeling limited on what to charge for your eCommerce services and constantly low-balled by your clients? I hear you, lady.

This mini course contains easy-to-follow lessons, practical tips, proposal template and more for designers who want to make a tidy profit while feeling valued building bad a$$ WooCommerce sites. I'll lay out all the need to knows of what to charge clients, from package inclusions to pricing guides to drafting a proposal.

Brand Proposal & Brand Guidelines Templates by Kristy Campbell (USUALLY $180 USD)

Do you want to WOW your clients by taking your presentations to the next level?

This bundle of the Brand Proposal and Brand Guidelines Templates (in TWO styles) will get you up and running with professional, agency-quality presentations. Each template comes with a 17-page  InDesign document, a description on each page, a How to use guide, and BONUS social sharing Photoshop templates (including full phone view and single image view).



The Brand Strategy Kit for Creators by Hollie Arnett (USUALLY $80 USD)

Imagine being clear AF on what you do, why it's so amazing, and how to share it with the world — Knowing the exact decisions to make & steps to take to achieve your wildest dreams. And having it all in a go-to guide you can access anywhere, any time.

Introducing The Brand Strategy Kit for Creators! A brand strategy template designed for you to store your biggest dreams, greatest differentiators & best strategies (PLUS so much more!)

Client Process Template Bundle by Lexi Smith

Take all of the guessing, back & forth emails about pricing, and explaining your services out of your client lead process and give them what they want. The details! Communicate everything that your potential new clients need to know right off the bat with these easy to customize to your brand process templates. These are helpful for not only your design business but are templates you can use for your client projects as well.

Divi Masterclass by Emma Kate

This 1-hour video training is great for both complete beginners as well as seasoned Divi pros.

Divi beginners will learn all the basics to start building your first ever Divi website from installing Divi, creating your child theme, and navigating the Divi landscape, to using the Theme Builder and loading pre-made layouts.

Packed full of sneaky Divi hacks, even Divi regulars will pick up a few new tricks to help you master Divi’s efficiency tools to build websites even faster, dynamic content features that will make you feel like a total WordPress wizard, and more.

Social Media Templates and Tutorial by Nikki Hamilton

Download my done for you social media templates, adjust them to suit your offering and brand, learn how to streamline your content creation and schedule your marketing calendar in just under an hour.

Put your marketing on autopilot and learn strategies that will enable you to connect with your audience and build trust! Includes templates for use on my preferred social media channels, video training manual and content strategy workbook.

Technical Web Design for Graphic Designers by PK Son (USUALLY $30 USD)

As an introductory course into the technical side of web design, this quick course will explain all the things you, as a graphic designer, need to keep in mind when designing websites.

Gain the confidence to polish your great design into something that can be effectively, efficiently, and realistically developed into a pixel perfect website.



Ultimate Client Sign Off Bundle by Sarah Linklater (Usually $79 AUD)

Ever had a client come back to you after a project is complete with a typo they need to be fixed, or part of the design they want 'tweaked'?

The Ultimate Client Sign off Bundle provides three different sign off templates (for brand, web and print) specifically to help designers keep their clients in line. Using these templates will keep your clients accountable and make sure they understand the repercussions of further 'tweaks' to their project.

Launch 'Er — Your One-Stop-Shop Squarespace Website Planner by Sian Richardson (Usually $47 CAD)

Launch 'Er is here to save your entrepreneurial ass from creative FOMO. It's a killer planner that'll help you suss out all the shit that’s gotta shine, so by the time you come to create or update your website, you’ve got it all sorted.

We'll look at how to pull visual inspiration without copying other designers, building a Work With Me page that lands clients, my top 9 website must-haves, + more! 

3 Months Membership to Exponential Creatives + Content Library by Jacob Cass (USUALLY $67 USD)

Exponential Creatives™ is a hyper-engaged membership community and content library for creatives who want to grow exponentially. You get 3 months free access to the community + content library!

  1. Network with ambitious creatives
  2. Access an ever-expanding Content Library
  3. Grow with Live Workshops & Exclusive Events
  4. Get feedback in our Community Forum
  5. Grow your business with Weekly Challenges + Accountability Partners
  6. Exclusive Discounts & more!

Strategic Project Proposal Template by Foxtrot Branding (USUALLY $35 USD)

To book high-ticket clients, you need to give your potential client a vision for how you’ll help them achieve their goals, and clearly break down the deliverables/timeline/payments for the project.

This effective proposal layout has been a part of how we’ve gone from pitching $200 logo projects to now booking $15k+ projects!

$75 Store Credit from Josh Hall (USUALLY $75 USD)

One of the keys to overcome imposter syndrome is to follow a proven path towards building confidence in "knowing your stuff". My suite of online web design courses is here to help you with just that. To help you out, I've created a $75 OFF store credit for all you clever cookies who get the Boss Bundle. You can even use it to take my cPanel Course completely free!

The Digital Duo Act – Portrait Tutorial by Ruth Muller (USUALLY $79 AUD)

A step-by-step tutorial for parent & creative tween to connect with creativity by drawing portraits of each other.

Brand Audit Kit by Anna Dower (USUALLY $99 AUD)

It is time to show your clients that you are waaaay more than just a designer, you are a brand strategist! Offering brand audits as a stepping stone service in your design biz can be beneficial for the following reasons:

  • It positions you as an expert which gains respect and allows you to charge more
  • It gives your clients a “taste” of what working with you would be like
  • It has a great conversion rate from brand audit to design package sales!

This bundle includes:

  • Step-by-Step video with Anna Dower walking you through why & how to offer a Brand Audit.
  • A bonus video stepping you through each of the Brand Audit deliverables
  • Brand Clarity Workbook
  • Brand Audit Results
  • Brand Audit checklist
  • Wording to help sell your Brand Audits!




Here’s what real designers say...