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your hosts

Anna Dower

ANNA DOWER is a graphic designer, entrepreneur and in-demand creative mentor that harnesses her 20 years of industry experience to enlighten, empower and elevate the businesses of graphic designers on a mission to make their mark
(and have a sh*t load of fun doing it).

Anna hustles hard but she’s also about balance. She believes in profit AND pleasure and is proud to work just four days a week (on Fridays she wears pink and does whatever the flip she wants).
» annadower.com

Emma Kate

EMMA KATE is the go-to WordPress educator and geeky girl next door for goal-getting designers ready to evolve into successful web developers.

Helping designers unwrap the mysteries, methods and magic of web design so they can build beautiful (and bloody brilliant) WordPress websites. Y’know, in language you can actually understand, without worrying about coding, tech migraines and wasting way too much time spiraling down the never-ending Google rabbit hole.
» emmakate.co